Best marketing strategies to beat your competitors


Discovering new sales leads is one area you must pay more attention to in order to drive your business forward in this tech-driven age. As more online merchants continue to search for effective lead generation techniques, it is important you do all you can to make sure you keep attracting targeted traffic to your site.

The more people find your site, the more your chances of attracting the type of web visitors that will convert from visitors to customers. Not every traffic generation idea will help you find new leads. For a traffic generation idea to be effective for finding new leads, you must ensure you use strategies that drive the most targeted traffic to your site. This way, you will be sure that the people who end up on your site are people who are actually searching for something you have.

In this post, we will look into some of the most effective strategies you can utilize to help you discover new leads and beat your competitors.

  • Network with authorities in your industry

Networking with authorities in your industry will help you share ideas with them. These ideas can be posted on authority blogs with links back to your own blog. The more mentions your brand get from respected blogs, the more people visit your site out to curiosity.  

  • Offer guest bloggers space on your site

Guest blogging has always been a very effective way of discovering new leads irrespective of your niche. Offering bloggers space to write on what they are passionate about on your blog will give you the chance to get mentioned to their audience. These guest bloggers will share their post on your site on their social media handles and mention you in their own blog.

Also, most guest bloggers will reciprocate the gesture and allow you guest blog on their own site. However, before you accept any free guest posts on your site, make sure you go through them to ascertain the quality and accuracy of the content. You don’t want to allow junks on your site or blog all in the name of allowing guest posts in order to get mentioned.

  • Attend seminars

Seminars offer merchants great opportunities to interact with others in their industry. Never miss the chance to attend a seminar in your industry and while you are there, make every moment count. If participants are given the chance to talk about their brands, seize the opportunity and showcase what you have.

Such presentations are good opportunities to sell yourself and sell your brand. Chances are that someone among the audience will fall in love with what you offer and convert to a lifetime customer. Also, someone may know someone who might be interested in your product or service and mention you to them.

  • Know what your competitors are doing

It is always a good practice to find out what your competitors are doing and beat them to it. Most times your competitors can have a more effective traffic generation strategy and it is your duty to find out what works for them and use it to your advantage. You must not copy your competitors’ strategies, but knowing what has kept them in business for this long can go a long way to help you devise new marketing strategies for your brand. You can find a way of fine-tuning your competitor’s strategies or integrating them into your trusted strategies to keep things working for you.

  • Know where your target audience hangs out online and make yourself relevant there

Every niche has its own authority blogs and groups where people in that niche hang out to share ideas and grab some new information on any trending topic. Finding out where people in your industry hang out most of the time online is one thing you must do to know what is making waves at any time in your industry. And it doesn’t end with finding out where they hang out, it is important you become an active member of such groups and forums. Make yourself as visible as possible and establish yourself as an authority to look out for by making informative inputs on important topics. Do thorough researches and findings on topics before making your submissions in order to always have the most up-to-date and accurate information on the topic in question.

  • Come up with some kind of contest on your site

People go where things are happening. Creating a viral contest on your site or blog will create some positive buzz on your site and get more people to mention your brand and share your web address for others to join. It even gets better when you offer some incentives to participants who keep sharing the content you post about your contest within their networks. These incentives can be redeemable points or any freebies you can come up with. You can offer them a free digital product like an e-book on any topic of their interest. This strategy will surely get more people rushing to your site to be part of the contest and to benefit in the freebie spree. The more new people get to hear about your site, the more new followers you get. As your follower base keeps increasing, you will be amazed at how fast your business fortunes will change and how much more sales you can make in a single day.

  • E-mail marketing is never out of fashion

You can add e-mail marketing to your list of marketing tools and strategies to grow your online business. There is no big deal about creating an e-mail list. Simply add a subscription button on your site for new visitors to drop their e-mail address for important updates and information. To make your e-mail marketing campaign work for you, it is important you ensure you only send out the most relevant and helpful content. If your readers can’t find any helpful tip in your emails, they will simply hit the delete button each time your mail comes in. The more of such relevant information you share, the more your readers see need to check out your site and products once more before they take a buying decision.

A combination of some or most of these strategies will no doubt see your business growing in leaps and bounds and giving your competitors a run for their money.