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Buy google search traffic: 5 reasons you should buy google search traffic

More and more online marketing merchants are beginning to realize that the important thing about your site's traffic is not how many people see the ads you put out, but how many of them end up visiting your site. People simply won't buy what you offer because they saw your ad severally. If you try to increase your sales by increasing the number of impressions your ad gets, you might end up not still making the sales you have set out to make. What's the point in driving more traffic if it won't reflect on your sales? To succeed with your online marketing efforts, you must have to prove to your followers and site visitors that you have what your potential clients have been searching for. This why most online marketers now lay less emphasis on driving more traffic to their sites. They now pay attention to making a more convincing sales pitch to the traffic they have already. Even the most convincing sales pitch won't convert your followers to customers if they do not have a serious interest in what you are offering them. So, to ensure you have the right traffic and make your digital marketing campaigns count, you should focus more on buying the right traffic from Google search. Here we will look at 5 major reasons why you should buy Google search traffic.

1. You would be sure you are getting the right traffic

Google sends you the right kind of traffic to ensure your clicks will result in many sales. However, it is important to point out the fact that you must always create the most relevant ads. You need to create ads to would appeal to your target audience. For instance, if you are running Adwords campaign, bidding on a flashy keyword like "Glittering princess kitten", would most likely get lots of clicks. However, if you do not have sparkling toy cats to sell, none of those paid clicks will bring you any sales. So, it is important to track your marketing campaigns to see which ones are bringing you more sales from the clicks from Google Adwords. With Google Analytics, you can easily track your conversions and sales rates with different Google ads and target audiences.

2. You will spend less and earn more

The right traffic helps you save money. Buying traffic from Google will help you get rid of the kind of ad campaigns that keep driving the wrong traffic to your site. Getting rid of worthless clicks that cost you money will save you money in the long run. An averagely paid search account spends 76% of its budget on useless clicks. Imagine what would be the result if you were to get rid of the useless 76% traffic. This will mean making the same amount you have been making from sales but spending a whole lot less on ads.

3. Gets you the right traffic from the onset

Instead of wasting time and money on A/B testing, changing your site looks, changing your message or content, you would be getting the right visitors that would easily convert. Getting it right with the traffic you get before doing any A/B testing will mean getting better profit margins than your competitors who do A/B testing before fixing the issue of traffic quality. What is more, you can reinvest the extra profit you get from the higher conversion rates into outbidding your competitors on the most relevant keywords. This will ensure your business gets more of the right traffic while your competitors get less. Getting more of such right traffics means you are on top of your game and doing better than all rival businesses.

4. Saves you time

Sometimes you will need to wait for a couple of months before you can gather the conversion data of your site. This may not even be worth it after the whole wait. But if you buy Google search traffic, it will come with analytics which makes it easy for you to identify the worthless keywords in your search account early and do away with them.

5. Ensures you test only the right traffic

Traffic changes on your site will naturally produce much faster results than any testing can. And these traffic changes also improve the entire testing process as well. How? Let's see.

Good tests come with good samples

This means you should only do your A/B testing when you have a traffic with more than 75% interested in the samples you offer. And this is what buying Google traffic helps you fix early before you start your testing. For instance, if you want to test which Blues Jersey the club's fans would love to buy most, it would be a waste of time to ask your audience when most of them are Red Devil fans. Testing your samples on genuinely potential customers will produce better results than sampling for people where a large majority have no interest in what you are selling.


Testing on the wrong traffic will dilute your test results

The right traffic from Google search makes it easier for you to see the effect of your sample testing. A more focused traffic sample will give you the results of a magnifying glass and put the real results and effects of your sample testing into perspective. Generally, if you run a business whose survival largely depends on generating lots of traffic and conversions, or if you are battling with a low marketing contribution margin, then ensuring your ad campaigns bring in the best quality clicks is something you should pay more attention to. With Google search traffic, you will get an optimized traffic that will save you lots of money and lay the foundation for decades of successful website testing. So, if you want to truly want to optimize your site's rate of conversion, begin by driving the right traffic to your site by buying Good search traffic and see how fast things change.

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