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How to Generate Website Traffic Quickly & Affordably
In this day and age of digital tactics to promote business, the website reigns supreme as any organizations prime digital real estate. The number of visitors who visit periodically is the true show of the market acceptability of the business. The math is simple, more visitors you have means that more clients and investors are interested in your business which can only mean one thing, revenue. However, for the new business generate website traffic to their website becomes an immensely challenging task. Since there is limited visibility, potential audiences are reluctant to click on the link. Moreover, paid conversion campaigns cost an arm and a leg, which let’s face it, it gets too expensive for a start-up to follow through with. So, below are some ways in which you could increase web traffic without spending a whole lot of money.


Always make sure to consistently and regularly write articles which are not to be only published on your website but also must be submitted to online directories of articles. There seems to be a lot of advantages in using this technique. What it does overall is that writing articles not only drives traffic to your website, it also boosts its search engine rankings as well and builds your authority for your forte. The best part about all of this is submitting to these directories is often free so you have nothing to lose in trying them.


Another surefire way to get valuable traffic is if you enter link exchange agreements with other website owners. However, before you do enter into an agreement, make sure if that website you have topics are related to yours or at least is in some way connected to the same line of work your website is in. If the above is the case it would mean that you complement each other’s content and thus would drive more valuable traffic. The benefits of a link exchange are manifold. First and foremost, it drives valuable and actionable traffic. It also makes your website look more relevant in the eyes of search engines like Google. Generate Website Traffic


Guest posts assist in numerous purposes, nevertheless, there are two which make them a key point for those after fast gains. To begin, guest posts link you with establishments who already have well-known audiences. Let us consider TechCrunch as an example— its readership is in the millions, thus if you can get your brand presented there, you can borrow from that visibility. Unfortunately, if the publisher is very popular, it is harder to get featured. So then you must set your sights on a smaller object to start. Secondly, there exists a possibility for direct traffic; as long as your content is valuable and actionable, one that the readers consider as legitimate knowledge capital, then you will definitely end up with a strong flow of users to your site. Plus, as a lasting advantage, guest posts will help you in both content marketing and SEO—because of that, it’s my favorite of the five on this list.


Audience building for social media can be fickle, but if you have your urgencies in order, it can transform into an effective and efficient way to increase your potential user base drastically. On social media, you can interact with users widely, publicly and directly. You can use content to start appealing to an audience organically, or even use ads to funnel traffic directly, but more importantly, you can actually engage with people. When you participate with social users by liking, sharing their posts or engaging them in conversation, you introduce audiences to your brand in a very interactive and effective manner. It takes some sincere work, but in a matter of weeks you could hypothetically build an audience of thousands to serve as a platform for even further growth. Generate Website Traffic


Paid advertising is an important option to mention. Even though it has the lowest long-term potential it is still an effective launching board for audience building. Coupled with organic activities, paid ads could prove very effective for audience building. In the case of paid ads, you have to pay a certain amount for a steady stream of inbound traffic to your site, which may be valuable, but once you withdraw that budget, the ads are turned off and your stream becomes defunct. Advertising is a good tactic that is fast and profitable, however it does not have the potential advantages or conversion rate that organic strategies offer. With that said, here are some good options for fast paid traffic:
  • StumbleUpon ads
  • Reddit ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing ads


Influencers work being a shortcut to a broader audience. You will be interacting with an individual rather than hosting your client on an external site. Influencers in your scope of industry can be found by searching the social media especially LinkedIn or finding one through a simple google search. Then you will have to create and nurture the relationship with the influencer which involves sharing their work, asking them questions and in general showing them you’re interested in their work. If successful, it could spell out an instant gain in audience.


There are a lot of valued blog directories out there to which your blog can be submitted to generate website traffic. Some of these directories charge a fee before they include your blog in their listing, however, most of these directories are free. Another important step to take is having your website optimized for the search engines. Search engine traffic is still is the best source of organic traffic out there. And organic traffic is the most actionable sort of traffic as it can be easily converted. If you do not know how to implement SEO, then the next step is to find a professional who does. The above are just some of the ways traffic could be increased for your website and thus gain more converting customers. Keep in mind that not all of them may be right for your particular business. Thus it’s important to test them out and see which ones bring in the most leads and/or sales. Over a period of trial and error, you will surely find the marketing mix that works for you.

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