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If you are trying to make your presence felt in the online world, you need to utilize some basic strategies to generate traffic and increase your unique visitors. There are many effective ways to improve your internet traffic. There is paid traffic. This kind of traffic is generated by using different online advertising platforms. Some of the well-known ad platforms are Google AdWords and AdSense, Yahoo Advertising, Facebook for Business and Twitter Ads. Organic traffic, on the other hand, is a kind of traffic generated using search engine optimization techniques. This strategy is free. However, you cannot set it up overnight. It takes time and effort to effectively generate organic traffic. Some of the most common SEO strategies are content writing, link building and guest blogging. Paid Traffic If you are running a time-sensitive campaign, paid advertisements work best to generate internet traffic. Once you set it up, for example, your Google AdWords account, your web page will instantly appear on top of the results page whenever someone looks for relevant information online. You don’t need to build massive links and put web content articles on your website to get your pages optimized. Another great feature of paid traffic is the targeted advertising. Social media sites like Facebook are really good at using targeted advertisements. Since they command a huge number of users, they get instant access to relevant demographic information. When you use their ad platform, you can effectively select a specific audience based on your set parameters (age, gender, location, status, and preferences). Organic Traffic Utilizing SEO techniques like content writing and guest blogging is really effective if you want to build long-term image for your brand or business. These techniques will allow you to become an authority figure in a certain area. If your website is about sales training and you constantly put relevant contents in your website, people will eventually notice your contribution; thus, you can gain a great number of followers.

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