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How you can increase your website organic traffic
Here are more than 1.24 billion websites on the internet. Now, you will agree that is one hell of a competition you have to deal with out there. However, it is important to point out the fact that you can never attract all of the world internet users to your site no matter how hard you try. Your goal is to attract as much target traffic as possible to your site. So, it is not just about attracting a huge traffic, it is more about attracting the right audience to your site. How can you generate more organic traffic to your site and drive your business forward? Let's see some techniques you can adopt to increase your website organic traffic:

1. Carry out On-Page SEO

There are several SEO techniques and strategies you can execute on every page on your site to increase your site ranking on search engine results and get more targeted leads to your site. Some of these SEO tactics include creating top-quality content that your target audience are in search of and writing the most concise meta descriptions for every page. These meta descriptions appear right below your site's URL in these search results. Knowing what your page is about and what every click will bring is one driving force that makes users click on the link to your site.

2. Get Listed

Becoming listed in all relevant online review sites and directories is another way you can drive organic traffic to your site. So you need to update your listings on these review sites and directories to keep things fresh. Your profile on such directories and review site contains a link to your website. Getting fresh positive reviews all the time will help generate organic traffic to your site.

3. Post to Major Social Media with Hashtags

You can utilize the powers of social media to promote your blog posts and other relevant content on your site as a way of boosting your website organic traffic. This is one easy way to get all your social media followers to your site. You can also get all the people in your followers' networks to your site when they share the content you post on social media. Adding hashtags to the posts aimed at promoting your website helps you extend your reach far beyond your immediate network. The hashtags make it easy for people outside your network to find your products and services.

4. Make Use of Landing Pages

Create unique landing pages that are specific and relevant to the products and services you offer, such as pages for downloading free guides, redeeming discount codes, or starting a free trial. Landing pages are some other great sources of traffic to your site. These landing pages also contain the important details needed by your users to convert from followers to clients.

5. Use Target Long-Tail Keywords

While people tend to search for short-tail keywords more often, ranking them on search engines is somehow difficult. On the other hand, targeting long-tail keywords gives your site a better chance of being ranked higher in answer to searches related to the products and services you offer. And the higher you are ranked on these search results, the more organic traffic you get.

6. Use Smart Email Marketing Techniques

Creating informative newsletters and sending them our regularly is one great way to ensure you keep in touch with your customers. It is also another great way of generating organic traffic to your site. Provide your customers with very useful information and links they can follow to your site pages where they can find more information on the topics they have interests in. However, it is important not to bug your customers with a series of endless emails unless you want them to delete the emails or unsubscribe from your mailing list. Also, make sure you pay attention to the subject lines of these emails. The subject lines to a great extent determine whether or not a user will open your email or not. Emails are useless to traffic generation unless they get opened when you send them out.

7. Advertise Online

One of the most basic ways to get more targeted traffic on your site is through online advertising. Social media, display advertising, and paid search are among the best channels for your PPC advertising to help boost the generation of organic traffic to your site.

8. Try Guest Blogging

Allowing micro-influencers to publish blog posts on your site can help drive organic traffic to your site since they will most likely share that post to their larger audience. Guest blogging can also bring more variety to your site content and show how active you are in that field. Alternatively, you could get the influencer to make mention of your business in their review or round-up blog post. You can also have an interview with the influencer and later turn the interview into a blog post to generate organic traffic. You can be the guest blogger as well. Search for businesses that are related to your business and see if there is an opportunity to contribute to their blog with a link back to your own site. You must ensure your content is as useful as it is relevant to their audience, to make it look more like a mutually beneficial exchange.

9. Engage Online

Make sure you are very active in all online groups or websites that relate to your community and business. Follow popular blogs in your industry, comment on relevant posts on social media, answer questions people ask, and make sure you participate in all conversations related to the industry. The more engaged you are in this community, the more exposure you give your business to the right audience and the more new visitors your site gets. Make sure all your social media profiles contain links to your site. This is one great way to turn your social media engagement to website targeted traffic. Be sincere and moderate in your engagement, and make sure you do not include links to your site in your responses and comments. Engaging in a moderate and sincere way will ensure you do not hurt your online reputation. These are some of the numerous strategies you can adopt to increase your website organic traffic. Getting more targeted traffic to your site will not happen overnight. It will take lots of dedication and hard work. However, since you now know what steps to take, we have taken away the hardest part of the work you need to do. Mix some of these strategies and see the traffic to your site change within a short time.

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