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7 Top Risks Of Buy Website Traffic Cheap

Everything in life comes with a level of risk. Even getting out of your bed in the morning can come with a considerable number of risks. You could easily miss your step, trip and hit your head on the dresser.
So, is buying cheap web traffic risky? It sure is. A lot of things can go wrong when you buy website traffic cheap. It is not as if there is any legal penalties you would face when you buy website traffic cheap. No one will even try to remove you from Google search rankings for buying cheap web traffic.
However there are certain known risks that can come with trying to buy website traffic cheap. We will look at all the possible risks and consequences that can come with buying cheap website traffic and how to avoid these risks. Buying cheap web traffic can be quite safe when you take necessary steps to make it so. Now let’s see some of the risks that can come with cheap website traffics.


You may end up spending too much 

When it comes to how much you are supposed to spend on buying web traffic, there is no fixed amount. However, a number of factors can affect your budget when buying web traffic. These factors can range from things that have to do with your ad network to your traffic source to your industry. You must be ready to pay a premium for any highly targeted bulk traffic for your niche. People working in broad niches with lots of appeals buy website traffic cheap, even when it is very targeted traffic.
The thing is to be careful when dealing with traffic deals that appear too good to be true. One thing you should know is that most of the cheap traffic generators out there rely on certain software to generate hits on your site. And these hits are totally useless to you and your online business. Some generators make use of very broad untargeted ads that end up pulling in lots of traffic, most of which are not interested in what you are selling. This is one major risk you face when you buy website traffic cheap. These untargeted traffics convert at a very low rate, which may have little or no effects on your revenues. To make sure you do not encounter this problem, make sure you pay attention to the source of the traffic  you are buying. Go for legit high converting traffic even if it costs you a little more. This will in the long run save you the time and energy you would have spent on running ads and let your money do the work while you channel the money and energy somewhere else.
Failure to deliver on the part of the vendor
Another major risk you are most likely to face when you buy website traffic cheap is having to deal with lots of low quality sellers.
A lot of low quality sellers out there are in business to scam other web users. These people create a website, pay some phony people to give them fake testimonials, drop positive reviews for themselves here and there to deceive the unsuspecting web users.
When you end up on their site and make contact with them, they do all they can to coerce you into parting with your money in exchange for one of their cheaply priced attractive packages. The moment money exchanges hands, you will never hear from them again. They will do this to a number of people until the negative reviews start piling up and they will just vanish from the world wide web only to reappear with a new site and under a different brand name.
Once these scammers get your money, there is hardly anything you can do about it. You can’t involve the police, the FBI can’t help you either. All you got to do is learn your lessons, forget about the money and move on. A look at such sites shows they all look the same and have no physical contact address anywhere. You can easily pick out such fraudulent sites if you pay attention to the quality of content on their sites.

Valueless hits

One very common risk that comes to you when you buy website traffic cheap is getting several hits that are very useless and valueless to you. Some of such hits come from different categories, such as:
  • Poorly targeted ones. The traffic from poorly targeted ads can come from people who may have little or no interest in what you are selling on your site. Such traffics can come from Facebook ads and some other places and hardly convert to sales.
  • Clickfarm. Clickfarm sends you loads of traffic from 3rd world countries. These visitors are either not interested in what you sell or cannot buy even if they wanted to as their countries may not be included in the list of countries you serve. They may also find it hard to make payments as the payment option you accept may not be available in their home countries.
  • Bot Traffic. The hits from this category of traffics have been described as the most useless as they will never become useful to you. They just show you thousands of hits with no one converting. It is even better to go with low targeted traffics with low conversion rates than this one. But highly targeted traffics with high conversion rates remains the best and are well worth the high price tag they sometime come with.

Less hits than the seller promised

When you buy web traffic cheap, you stand the risk of getting less hits than the seller promised initially. You would want to get the exact number of hits you paid for by the end of the month in view, but this is not always the case with some cheap web traffic merchants.
When you do not get the exact amount of hits you paid for, it could be either because the seller isn’t delivering the promised hits because they have no reputation at stake or because your site analytics are not picking up the traffic coming to your site. This issue of your analytics not picking up all the traffics coming to your site is common with bot traffic. It can also be a sign that your seller is not giving you the best quality traffic. Whichever way, you should for quality traffic elsewhere.

Ad Networks could Block you

If your site keeps sending lots of traffic to ads and most of the traffic end up being filtered. The more this keeps happening, the more you risk facing serious penalties. Ad networks do not take it lightly with any site that sends them fake traffic.
When you buy website traffic cheap, you are most likely to have to deal with this kind of issues. If you do not want to face the possible penalty that comes with sending fake traffic to ad networks, you may want to spend more on quality traffic from reputable sellers.

You risk having your site taken down

This may seem a small risk because taking down a website these days requires a whole lot more efforts. However, if your site does not have DDoS protection, a large volume of cheap traffic can pull down your site. Those cheap untargeted hits like getting millions of hits every day can overload your site and get it down, except there is a protection in place that stops this from happening.
You might end up earning a spammer label
This happens when your site keeps referring bad traffic to advertisers. If you buy website traffic cheap, you may end up with bad traffic. And the more you send such bad traffic to different ad networks, which probably share information between themselves, you may get a spammer label or have your site blacklisted. No genuine ad networks would want to send fake traffic to their advertisers. These advertisers are the main reason why the ad networks are in business.
These are some common risks you can face when you buy website traffic cheap. They may seem like a good deal at first, but in the long run, you will end up spending more trying to clear up the mess the cheap traffic created for you.
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