Five Explanation On Why Real Organic Traffic Is Important

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It is common to see some newbies to the online business sphere ask why they really need to spend on organic traffic and why organic traffic is considered a very important aspect of their marketing and SEO strategies. The answer to this question is not far-fetched. Organic traffic will transform the results you get from advertising like no other marketing strategy can. As a website owner, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about traffic. This is quite understandable because the traffic your site generates determines how well your online business fares. However, it doesn’t end at just generating any kind of traffic-it is important you ensure the traffic you get is as targeted and organic as possible. So why is real organic traffic that important? Let’s see some 5 major reasons why you need to generate real organic traffic:

Real organic traffic will bring you the most qualified prospects

When it comes to the traffic your site receives, having strength in the numbers is important. However, the things that cannot be counted are also important. The quality of the traffic your site gets is one unquantifiable factor that can be as important as the number of traffic your site generates.

Every web owner wants visitors who can easily convert to customers. But how can you determine the quality of the visitors that come to your site? You can determine your traffic quality from where the traffic comes from. The search intent of your visitors is one thing that helps you measure your traffic quality. Any web user who enters a particular search term or keyword is believed to be searching for something important to him/her. So understand the search intent(what your potential customers search for online) will transform your marketing strategies and result in the most amazing ways.

The fact that these people found your site when they entered the keywords relevant to your site shows they are really interested in the line of products and services you offer and can easily convert to customers.

Very sustainable approach

The most unfortunate thing about pay per click is perhaps the fact that it requires regular investment, manipulation and maintenance. You will get fast results, but they often do not last for long.

Real organic traffic never goes out of fashion, so the moment you stop investing in it, your online business automatically looses momentum. What this shows is that it will take time before you start seeing the desired results with organic traffic, but the moment the results start coming in, they are bound to last for a very long time. The moment your search engine visibility has been established, it will serve your online business for several years after its implementation.

However, to make your real organic traffic work even after several years, you have to stay updated on the changes involved in the organic traffic strategy. The ranking factors and algorithms are constantly evolving, so it is not enough to set your traffic system and forget about it.

The sustainability of the organic traffic approach and the fact that it is close as you could possibly ever get to traffic on autopilot makes it a very important approach.


The cost-effectiveness of organic search in the long run

Here is the scenario. Paid traffic campaigns are quite expensive. And no click is ever guaranteed to convert to a customer. Paid campaigns keep you testing and optimizing your ad creative to reduce your CPC while increasing your CTR. It takes a very huge budget to set up these paid campaigns and keep them running.

On the other hand, real organic traffic strategy is as low-cost as it is high-impact. Though it still costs some money and time, it is way cheaper than PPC and is sure to bring you a much higher return on your investment with time.

One other important thing about organic traffic is that it enables you generate online assets that will stay and appreciate over time, such as content creation, brand building, and social media marketing.  These assets will keep increasing in values over the years and remain relevant even when you stop investing in organic search. It is like building a self-sustaining ecosystem. Imagine getting real organic traffic for years while paying little or nothing for it.

Gives you a competitive advantage

SEO is the way to go if you wish to become competitive in your niche. There are very high chances that your competitors are spending lots of time and  money trying to generate real organic traffic. They are undoubtedly targeting very high-end keywords and do whatever is within their power to ensure they dominate search engine results. What this means is that you can never ignore SEO out rightly.

However, the competitive advantage real organic traffic gives you does not end with trying to catch up with your competitors. They can help you beat competition and create a niche for yourself as the brand to dominate in your industry.

Higher credibility

Ever wondered why you would bypass the paid results from your searches and click on the organic ones? This is because you, like every other web user is looking for the most relevant and reliable answers to the business questions you have.

A top paid result does not appeal to users like organic results do. This is where the whole credibility factor comes into play and explains why more than 75% of all clicks are organic.

However, credibility goes farther than this. When your potential clients find you on top of their organic search results, it sure boots the trust they have in you and your brand like nothing else does.

User perception of your brand and the products/services you offer automatically goes up when you appear on such organic search results. And the clicks from such results are real organic traffic that can easily convert to sales.

Organic traffic will always bring you regular and more engaged traffic, which explains why webmasters who are serious with their online businesses never joke with investing in real organic traffic,