How Alexa traffic helps you to boost Alexa ranking


It is common to hear new site owners ask how they can boost Alexa ranking of their site. To this, we provide all the techniques and strategies to improve your Alexa traffic and boost your Alexa ranks. We do understand what this metric means to you and your business.

This is a public metric which anybody can check out. Potential advertisers, clients, and business partners will check out your Alexa Rank to help them evaluate you and your business. This is why improving your Alexa ranks can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to the dollars and cents you pick up at the end of the day.

If you are new to the Alexa rank thing-it is a metric that gives anyone who cares to see a quick summary of your website’s performance relative to other popular sites on the world wide web. Unless you focus on this rank, your efforts to maximize your business visibility and value may not yield the desired results. That said, suffice it to say that your site’s online reputation and authority is translated as your site’s Alexa Rank.

But before we start looking into how Alexa traffic helps you to boost your Alexa Rank or how you can boost this traffic, we would want to help you understand all of what makes up the Alexa Rank to help you understand how you can make your site rank higher.

Let’s begin by defining Alexa Rank in very clear terms.

What is Alexa Rank?

This is an estimation of the popularity of your site as compared to other sites. Your Alexa Rank answers this question: How is my site doing compared to all other sites? It is important to note that this rank is only a relative measure that depends on both your site’s traffic and changes in the traffic on other websites.

How Alexa Gets its Data?

Alexa boasts of a very large traffic data panel which consists of millions of people and businesses from different parts of the world.  Alexa uses this data to estimate the number to all the websites on the web. It is a very complicated calculation which involves discarding spam or fake traffic as well as correcting for all forms of biases. The data scientists on Alexa are famed to be among the very best in the business. These Alexa scientists ensure only data free from all noise and non-human metrics are presented to enable you to make the most informed business decisions from your organic traffics.

How the Alexa Rank is calculated

Alexa carries out a daily estimation of every site’s daily visitors and pageviews over the past 3 months. Any site that shows the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews over the 3 months in the review is ranked as #1. The least site is ranked around #3,000,000. If none of the people on Alexa’s measurement panel visits a particular site within the 3 months in review, the site gets no rank at all.

How a site’s traffic affects the Alexa Rank

A plot of the number of visitors your site gets versus the Alexa Rank will give you a graph with ranked #1 at the head of the graph. The site at the #1 position gets a whole lot of traffics as compared to the other sites at the tail end of the graph. The most important thing here that the smallest change in a site’s traffic can lead to a huge change in ranking. However, the closer your site gets to the head end of the graph, the harder it becomes to move up because you would need a whole lot more visitors. There is a very huge difference in the traffic of a site ranked 20 versus one ranked 200.

Getting an accurate Alexa Rank

To get a more accurate Alexa Rank for your site, you have to certify your site’s metrics on Alexa. Once your site’s metrics are certified by Alexa, Alexa will directly measure their metrics instead of depending on the information contained in their data panel. Certifying the metrics of your site will provide a more accurate rank, not necessarily a better rank though.

Ways to boost Alexa Ranking with better traffic

There are several techniques through which Alexa traffic can help get a better Alexa ranking:

  • Create the most engaging original content

You need to constantly produce and publish engaging content for your site visitors. These must be content that gives your visitors real value for their time. When you give your readers informative and valuable pieces always, they will be sure to engage with all your future content and share these content with their followers. This is what is known as link building which introduces new visitors to your website and these new visitors can later convert to customers. Search engines like Google also reward quality content which helps you rank higher on search results, bring you more organic traffic and increase your Alexa Rank.

  • Get authority sites in your niche to link to your site

This is otherwise known as inbound links-a technique that helps search engines define your niche very clearly to increase your site’s credibility and quality. When these authority sites that are doing quite well in your niche include as an inbound link from their site to yours, this increases the trust visitors have in you and what you offer. However, you must support this tactic by providing the best quality engaging content always. The more people find your site through these inbound links, the better your Alexa Rank.


  • Know what keywords your audience is always searching for


It is important you know what keywords are driving huge organic traffic to your competitors and optimize your site for such keywords. You can also buy PPC campaigns for such keywords when you find them. With a small keyword research, you can find out what your target audiences are always searching for. This type of keyword search is a way of speaking your customer’s language in the context of their desires and needs.


With these tips and strategies, you can take the right steps to boost  Alexa Ranking of your website.