How to grow your business with modern marketing strategies

How to grow your business with modern marketing strategies

As a content marketer, you must come to the point where you know how to spend less and get better results from your content marketing efforts. In this post, we will look at 8 tips that can make content marketing work for you when you are working with a small budget.

  • Focus more on creating quality content

Some marketers believe it is all about the quantity of content they post online. Your main focus as a content marketer should be on the quality of the content. You can save money by maximizing the sales results from every post you publish on your site or blog.

Publishing one very valuable post per month will cost you less and pay you more than publishing dozens of valueless articles. There is no doubt that quality always wins over quantity, so focus more on creating well-researched classics on topics you choose to write about.

  • Know the types of content that bring you more traffic and focus on them

Stop paying different freelancers huge amounts to create different types of content for your site or blog. You can use certain metrics to measure the performance of your content to help you ascertain the type of content your audience warm up to the most. Some of the metrics you can use include a number of shares, traffic, comments, and email subscriptions. Knowing which content performs best will help you focus on creating only that type of content.

  • Ignore unnecessary aspects of content marketing

Content marketing and its processes can overwhelm you. It requires lots of time, skills and resources. But you don’t have to spend all your time on content marketing alone. You have to know the aspects of content marketing that are not useful to your business and ignore them.

When you cut off the content marketing strategies that are of no use, you can have more time and resources to focus on what works for you. One very effective content marketing strategy you can use when on a small budget is email marketing. Email marketing comes with a very high ROI.

  • Go for long tail keywords

You can’t compete favorably when trying to optimize your content for some broad keywords. Most of those broad keywords are used by bigger brands with deep pockets. Any attempt to compete to be ranked high for those popular keywords will see you spending more without getting the results you desire.

Instead, use long tail keywords which are known to have less competition and easily ranked high by search engines. These long tail keywords will help you spend less and get more traffic.

  • Share important personal data

Most content marketers have discovered the cost-effectiveness of this marketing technique. This strategy is great because it adds more originality, transparency, and integrity to you and your brand.

Also, this content marketing strategy helps you spend less on research and service fees since most of the data used come from analytics and your personal records.

  • Offer guest bloggers a space on your blog

A good blog post can cost as high as a hundred dollars or more. But you can save yourself this high content cost by accepting free guest posts from guest bloggers.

However, it is important you only accept free pots from experienced and skilled writers to avoid turning your blog to some kind of online trash hub.

  • Update old posts instead of writing entirely new ones

Instead of paying your freelance writer to give you a post on new tax laws for 2019, you can simply add some new information to the old version on your blog. This way, you will spend little or nothing while maintaining the integrity of your posts on that topic.

  • Promote selectively

Instead of promoting your new content for everyone in your niche over a wide range of channels, reach out to people who have overtime, shown great enthusiasm about your posts. You can find such enthusiasts on your email list, social media followers, etc. These are people who always comment on new posts, share your posts with their audience and write back to you about every mail they get from you.

  • Network within and outside your industry

Networking within your industry is key to connecting with people who matter in your niche and people who already know the major routes to success and how things work. However, you can also get some important leads by going outside your industry to make some new business connections. Sometimes it is good to think outside the box and go beyond the norm. You can find someone outside your industry who knows someone within your industry who can give your brand the platform it needs to perform better. In business, no new connection is considered irrelevant because you never know who has the connection and network you need to grow your business.

  • Don’t miss out on the social media revolution

Social media have no doubt changed the way businesses are done and have taken marketing and advertising to an entirely new dimension. Gone are the days when people only go online to find new dates and mingle with singles from remote places. These days, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several others are proving to be the modern day fast track to giving your brand the global exposure it needs to bring you the killer sales everyone yearns for. However, to make these social media marketing strategies work for you, it is important you know where your target audience is, what they do and what they look for online. This will help you channel your social media marketing and advertising efforts to people who need what you offer and save you from wasting time, energy and efforts on people who will never convert no matter how long you try to sell to them.

Knowing where to channel your marketing time, resources and attention when you are on a budget is one way you can spend less on marketing and get more from sales.