How can help you to boost your real organic traffic?

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Generating the most organic traffic to your ecommerce site remains one of the most important marketing strategies you need to boost your online sales. Most online merchants make the mistake of thinking it is only about generating huge traffic to their sites. However, huge traffic that is not targeted traffic will make little or no difference in your business fortunes. You would want to make sure that a good percentage of people who visit your site are people who have interest in the products and services you are selling. Anything other than this will only amount to wasting your scarce resources on advertising without any increase in revenue. This is why hiring the right SEO company is always a no-brainer and one agency you can always rely on for the most targeted results is In this post, we will take you through some important ways can help boost the organic traffic your site generates.

Use of On-Page SEO

Professional SEO companies like make use of on-page SEO s a very fundamental building block to boosting the integrity of your site. This on-page SEO ensures that both your website and its content are as relevant as they can be to web users who are in search of the products and services you offer. go as far as creating the most valuable content and crafting the most captivating meta descriptions for your site pages and web content. Nowadays, posting relevant content consistently are no longer enough-to stay ahead of the competition, you must have to really nail your site SEO convincingly.

Hashtags on Social Media Posts

Surprised to see social media on the list of how can drive organic traffic to your site? You don’t need to  be. And in case you never knew, social media is a very effective means of getting more people to see your content and tap from the personal networks of the followers you already have. like every other professional SEO company understands the huge role social media plays in driving organic traffic to your site in today’s ecommerce age and makes use of it maximally. The increasing popularity of hashtags is one thing that may surprise you about the use of social media to drive organic traffic to your site. To streamline the influx of the content they receive when they search for topics on social media, people have resorted to hashtags. The right SEO company like emphasizes on the use of these hashtags to help you reach your real customers precisely and extend your reach to the people in the networks of your current fans.

Email Marketing will encourage you to make good use of email marketing as one very effective channel for bringing in the organic traffics your site requires. Email marketing has however gone through series of modifications and has evolved into a more seasoned internet marketing tool it is today. will do the dual job of nurturing your new sign ups and at the same time building a strong relationship with them. People now respond better to a warm welcome email than they do to a conventional promotional email. According to studies, about 320% more revenue come in through these welcoming emails than come through promotional emails.  So, having a dedicated autoresponder series in place will definitely pay off in the long run. And with, you can always be sure that your new signups get the best welcome emails messages from the auto responders they install on your site.

Affiliate Programs

One great thing about affiliate programs that make them great tools for boosting your online business is that they let you boost your site’s organic traffic by tapping into other web users audiences. The affiliate marketing strategy enables you offer publishers and bloggers some commissions on the sales they make for you through their site while incentivizing word of mouth and positive reviews. The best part is that you only get to pay out these commissions when the affiliate sites make some genuine sales, which reduces your risk of being scammed. helps you set up your affiliate program to run on autopilot while you concentrate on other important aspects of running the business. Before you decide on allowing this option on your site, it may help for you to get a list of best available affiliate programs before deciding which one is most suitable for you.

Guest blogging

Most people now believe guest blogging no longer brings in the most targeted traffic. But the truth remains that with the most strategic approaches, you can generate the best organic traffic to your site through this option. emphasizes on the need to guest blog only on those sites that are most relevant to your site audience to enable you to generate the best quality traffic. They encourage you to offer some kind of lead magnet on the content you share on other blogs to attract new visitors to your site. And they will in return guest blog on your own site and share the link to their posts on your site on their social media handles. It is advisable not to limit your content to only written posts. You can go for podcasts, YouTube video guest appearances and Instagram takeovers which have all been found to be highly effective for organic traffic generation.

The above-mentioned strategies are some of the ways can help boost the organic traffic that ends up on your site.

Major Takeaways:

  • On-page SEO will help boost your organic search engine rankings and bring you more site visits.
  • Hashtags will enable you reach new audience within your networks contacts.
  • Email marketing will bring new visitors from your email list
  • Guest blogging and affiliate marketing helps you tap into the audience of the contacts within your network to get new site visitors.