Increase Website Traffic with 3 Simple Tips

Increase Website Traffic

Let us face it, we are already well into the digital age. In the modern age if you want your business to be a success you have to build and maintain a presence online. This is short means you have to increase website traffic and the only way you have to be effective with the online front for your business is to have an abundant number of customers buying whatever it is that you are trying to sell. So the main question to figure out the answer to is ‘where are they?’

The simplest answer is, they are everywhere. However, there is a possibility that they may not even have heard of your business. This is most likely because you probably do not engage in massive advertising ventures such as billboards or regular print ads. Maybe you consider that conducting the Line ad campaigns such as distributing leaflets and brochures take away the feel of a premium product from your offerings or not driving targeted email campaigns. Then, there is no easy way around this problem. You have to increase website traffic to improve the revenue coming from your business.

Since now we are on the same page that increasing website traffic is of the utmost importance, how do we go about increasing website traffic? It is rather discouraging to see so many folks devote a tone of money on a website and just let it be as it is to sit in what is referred to the virtual real estate world while potential clients click by. Below is the industry accepted, tried and tested 3 main ways to increase website traffic. You must realize that website traffic does not just appear by magic. It takes time, skill and regular work. However, most importantly you can do it yourself or you can hire outside help and get it done relatively for cheap. Increase Website Traffic with 3 Simple Tips

How to Increase Website Traffic Easily?

There are several methods to increase website traffic, however, there is not much time to discuss all of those methods in detail within one article.  Thus, we are cutting to the chase and using the only most important three methods that you will absolutely need. Once you turn into an expert with this tricks, you can then branch out into other areas of how to increase website traffic and have fun. Another very important point to be noted is that all of these below-mentioned methods are for free.

  1. Article Marketing

Would you believe if we said writing an article of approximately one thousand words could bring you solid and paying customers? You would need to conduct a content research. This begins with a simple qualitative analysis where you study the articles by industry leaders and other points to talk about within the industry you are operating. This would give you a basic idea about what customers interested in your business might be interested in talking about. This would also allow you to track what your competition is considering within their digital strategies. There are also several content companies that offer free tutorials in the form of articles or videos. Follow these guidelines as closely as possible and submit your articles for further approval.

You should conduct audience analysis using free tools such as Google Analytics. This combined with the previously mentioned qualitative analysis would provide you with a pretty good idea of what your audience wants to read about.  If you go through with the things mentioned earlier there is a possibility that your article may rank in Google. A potential client will the visit your article based on the keywords they have typed into Google’s search engine. After which they would be directed to your website. Thus, it is very important to learn about keywords detrimental to your increasing website traffic and which have the possibility to increase your rankings. Increase Website Traffic with 3 Simple Tips

  1. Video Marketing

Studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of your targeted audience will watch a video out of which around 52 percent may take some sort of action. Thus, one of the best ways to entice more traffic is with a YouTube video of yourself or any other appropriate person from your company who represents your core ideas and then upload it after tagging it up with appropriate keywords. However, always make sure to link these videos back to your website. There are several tutorial videos that explain in great detail how to conceptualize and create videos such as these. You may watch these tutorials to maximize your efforts and ultimately enhance your rankings. There are also free software’s with which you may edit and produce these videos.

  1. Forum Marketing

Even though this is quite an ancient idea, this still holds true. As has been tried and tested, posting on a forum is going to improve website traffic. It is, however, a numbers game. In no way, you can expect to post one or two posts a day on a forum related to your business and then sit back to watch the traffic come exploding in. If you wish to make a noteworthy metamorphosis in increasing website traffic you need to post numerous posts a day. It cannot be something as surface level as just a “Hello, that was an amazing website” or “Thanks so much for the informative post.” Visitors are looking to get value for the period they devote to searching for information they require.

Thus, if we are providing as per requirement if we manage to supply high-quality content that aids the reader with your website’s URL link as a signature. You will certainly see increased website traffic and you may even have forum users probing for your name to see what other great content you have provided.


Bear in mind that although these are the easiest three ways to increase website traffic. But, you will still have to break it down into learning one specific method each week. It is advisable that once you are comfortable in your expertise with the ways mentioned above, it is time for you to learn more about driving more traffic to your website.