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We care about your success & know just how badly you want to generate visitors to your website(s).  Without visitors, you won’t be able to sell any products, generate any leads or sell your advertising spaces.  In the event that you run a non-profit website, getting your message spread can prove to be hard or next to impossible without visitors.  Most importantly, the right kind of visitors.

We understand that each website is unique in it’s own way.  Choosing between Organic and Direct Traffic depends entirely upon the type of website that you operate and the purpose of the website.  If you are managing an e-commerce website, your goal is to sell products.  If your running a blog, your going to need visitors in order to make profits from Google Adsense or your other ad networks.  This is where we come in handy.

This article gives you great insight as to what Organic & Direct/Regular Traffic is, where it comes from and what option is the best option for you!

What is Organic & Direct/Regular Traffic?

Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engines.  Search engines like:  Google, Yahoo & Bing.  Billions of users around the world use these search engines to find sites like yours every single day.  In fact, 90% of our orders are for Organic Traffic for the search engine  After an order is placed on our site, we evaluate your website to ensure that the keywords that have been chosen are relevant and keyword enriched.  Then, our team of highly trained SEO and marketing professionals will process your order & your traffic will be on the way!

  • Great for Local & International Businesses, e-commerce websites selling online products, companies seeking new leads, selling advertising and more!
  • See our Organic Traffic Plans  Starting at $6.50/month & up to 30,000 Unique Visitors/day


  Direct/Regular traffic is traffic that is sent directly to your website.  These visitors are entering your web address in their browser directly or clicking on the link from a direct source.  Eventually direct traffic is something that every webmaster appreciates.  Direct traffic doesn’t rely on any search engines, social networks or referrals/affiliates.  It is entirely stand alone and is an accumulation of bookmarks, favorites & a catchy domain.  


  • Great for webmasters seeking a dedicated following, generate sales, build a reputation, generate leads and more!
  •  See our Direct/Regular Traffic Plans Starting at $9.00/month & up to 1,000,000 Unique Visitors/month


Examples of Organic & Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

We understand that choosing between Organic and Direct traffic can be both difficult and confusing.  There are many traffic companies who claim to offer the best plans & prices, beware of them!  They are often unwilling to explain to you just exactly where your traffic is coming from and how it works.  Rest assured that when using Web Visitors, we will go the extra length to provide you with a quality service & attempt to broaden your knowledge of the SEO and Traffic industry.

Contact Us for questions regarding plans, pricing & general information.