Organic traffic generation ideas


Most people invest hugely in traffic generation and still end up making little or no sales at the end of the day. Investing heavily in traffic does not mean you are guaranteed a higher conversion rate or more sales. As a matter of fact, most of the conventional traffic generation strategies used out there bring in generic traffic that can be useless to your business. The best traffic generation is organic traffic generation ideas that can help you bring in the most targeted audience. In this post, we will look at some of the best and most strategic organic traffic generation ideas you can employ to boost your site’s targeted traffic, conversion rates, and sales.

Find where your target audience hang out on social media

Social media is no doubt one of the greatest online marketing tools known today. However, you will never get the results you desire from your social media interactions if you do not focus on finding where your target audience hang out online. Some people think social media marketing is all about running a paid Facebook ad and generating traffic like never before. While such strategies can make some difference, you may never enjoy the huge sales that come from social media leads, search for groups and pages where people who might be interested in what you offer to spend time online and join the interaction. Make sure you make relevant contributions when relevant topics are discussed. This way, others will see you are someone with rich knowledge in the industry and authority to look out for. You can drop links to your site or blogs occasionally without making it look like you came primarily to get leads. If members are allowed to make posts, you can come up with very interesting and informative posts to further boost the trust you are beginning to garner. Anyone who follows your link to your site is obviously looking for more and believes you can offer them more. Such visitors will easily convert without much fuss.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging remains one of the best organic traffic generation ideas of all times. Maybe you have been paying the right level of attention to your blogging strategies, but all the blogging in the world without guest blogging on some authority sites will never be enough to generate the right amount of organic traffic needed to drive your online business forward. Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Guest blogging allows you to embed links back to your site in the blog posts you make on authority sites and blogs.  However, you must avoid making it too obvious you are after the backlinks more than anything else. To make guest blogging work for you, make sure you research well on the topic you want to write about to ensure you provide the most accurate data and information. When you provide very helpful articles, the owners of the authority sites will always want you to guest post on their sites while the sites’ followers will always be on the lookout for your future posts. Most of the leads that will come to your site through guest blogging will be people who believe you know what they need and can help them with vital information, products, and services to meet their needs.

Optimize for your readers, not for search engines. First, you must know your readers to be able to tailor your content accordingly. Create very educational content that reflects your ideal readers, this way, you will naturally improve your SEO. This will involve tapping into the main things your readers come looking for online and the main keywords they enter in search bars. It is useless to optimize for only search engines because you will only get a keyword-riddled trashy content at the end of the day.

Don’t neglect the power of blogging

Blogging remains one of the most effective organic traffic generation ideas of all times. Blogging helps you get deeper into your niche-related topics than your site would. It also helps you create a vast useful catalog of content optimized for individuals to give them relevant information on different trending market niche topics. However, poorly-crafted cheap content can do more harm than good to your SEO and must be avoided.

Choose long-tail keywords

It is not enough to go with the most popular keywords in your market. Make sure the keywords you use are specific to your products and services. When you use specific keywords, search engines will identify your blog and site as a destination for that very subject, and this will give your content a great boost in search engine rankings and help potential customers get to you easily.

Get it right with your meta description

Your site’s URL, meta title and meta descriptions are three major ingredients to optimize your blog post or web page effectively. It is one simple but very effective means of optimizing your site and blog for organic traffic generation. You can achieve this by adding the Yoast SEO plugin to your site if you use WordPress.

Create quality content consistently

You must try to publish fresh content as often as possible without sacrificing quality. The more quality content you publish on your blog and site, the higher your chances of generating organic traffic.

Use internal links well

Once you have a large number of informative content on your site, you can link to these contents in your blog posts and sites. This will guide your site visitors to one relevant content after another and ensure they stay on your site for longer and boost your rankings on search engines. However, try not to overuse these internal links as too many links can make your posts look spammy.

Know where your visitors come from

You can exploit metrics like Google analytics to help you track where the visitors that end up on your site and blog come from. Knowing where most of your visitors come from and what search terms brought them will help you fine-tune and channel your content more appropriately.

Using some or most of these organic traffic generation ideas will help bring in more targeted traffic to your site and increase your site’s conversion rates.