The Ultimate Revelation Of Web Traffic Service


As a web merchant, there are some  things you should pay more attention to than anything else. Generating the right traffic to your site and measuring how the traffic you generate affect sales is one of those things. A good web traffic service provider will help drive the right traffic to your site and measure how the traffic convert to sales.

In this post we will help you understand why you should spend more on web traffic service and how they can boost your online business fortunes. Let’s begin by defining what web traffic is and how it can change your online business.

What is web traffic?

By way of definition, a web traffic is the web term used to describe the totality of web users who end up on your site. This web traffic can be determined by the number of unique visits, sometimes referred to as sessions. It is an effective way of measuring the effectiveness of your online business in terms of attracting the right audience.

The importance of web traffic

The web traffic metric was often seen as the most vital tool for determining the popularity of any website way back in the 90s when ecommerce first debuted. However, there are now other comprehensive means of analyzing the performance of your website.

The modern web traffic service companies no longer stop at analyzing how many people visited your site-they take it as far as determining how long your site visitors stay on your site. This is because bringing in huge traffic would not help grow your online business if the visitors leave your site after a few seconds.

So it is important to find out how long they stay and  what percentage of the visitors made purchases using the conversion rates. This way, your web traffic service will help you determine your effective your traffic generation efforts are towards increasing your sales.

So, suffice it to say that while web traffic is important, it is not all you need to put your ecommerce site ahead of others and get the huge sales you desire from the traffic your site receives. However, getting the right amount of targeted traffic still remains the best starting point for the determination of your site’s visibility and popularity.

Let’s see two contrasting ecommerce sites and their reasons for underachieving.

  1. Site A: Let’s say site A has a very effective call to action and a very clear product description which converts a very high percentage of the site visitors to sales, but bring in so very little traffic.

Let’s say site A brings in a monthly traffic of say, 500 visitors and ends up making only about 40 sales, its conversion rates will be 8%.

  1. Site B: And let’s assume site B ranks very high on Google search engine, creates the most viral content, in paid traffic, but converts very few percentage of that traffic to sales.

Let’s say site B brings in 5000 unique site visitors per month but ends up making only 40 sales, the conversion rates will be as minimal as 0.8%.

The above illustrations shows why you should not rely solely on web traffic as the only marketing metrics to measure your online business growth. Most web and SEO companies do not even know this.

In the two scenarios shown above, the two companies failed to capitalize on what they are good at to increase their conversion rates and boost sales. By concentrating on one area, they failed to take cognizance of the area they needed to improve on.

You will give your customers the best experience when you study the whole picture and optimize subpar performance areas. This way, you will maximize revenues from the traffic you get on your site.

How Web traffic is recorded

Whenever a unique visitor comes to your site, the visitor’s computer or any other web-connected tool interacts with the servers of your site. Every web page on the internet is known to comprise of several dozens of individual files.

The servers on the site transmits each of the files to your visitor’s browsers where the files will be assembled and coined into one cumulative piece with texts and graphics. Each of the files sent represents one single hit. Every good web traffic service provider understands this process.

Every segment of the site will be monitored by the servers with the aim of determining the exact number of hits received by each page. In web terms, one single unique visit is referred to as a session. The duration of each unique visit will vary, but each will have both a beginning and an ending point.

These servers compile all the requests for your site, sends it to the site’s admin to enable the operator ascertain the popularity of the site and which of the site’s pages receive the best attention.

Whenever a web server successfully processes a file request, it registers what is referred to as server log in web terms on the hard drive of the server. This log gathers entry overtime to create a very valuable database of relevant information with which the site admin can carry out an accurate analysis for a better understanding of the visitor’s activity of the site.

Final Words

There is therefore no arguing the fact that web traffic remains a relevant lifeblood for your online business and must be given adequate attention at all times.

However, to ensure the traffic you generate to your site through your SEO strategies count and convert to sales, you should ensure you hire an SEO agency that understands that generating huge traffic is never going to be enough.

Go for a web and SEO company that takes other factors such as the conversion rate and other important SEO features into account for the best results. Any traffic generation that cannot reflect in your sales and revenue is a waste of your marketing and advertising time and money.

With the right web traffic service providers and an all-encompassing web traffic tools and SEO strategies, you will always be on top of your game in the online business terrain.